Hi and welcome to Spicy Oats!

As a food scientist, I like to experiment with new recipe styles and flavour combinations. This website is a place where you’ll find delicious sweet and savoury recipes. Some are made with oats, some are gluten free, some are paleo, and some recipes I only developed out of sheer curiosity.

While I like to experiment with different things, a majority of my recipes call for oats. Why oats? A couple of years ago I wondered why gluten free flours have to be so complicated (and funky tasting!). Out of curiosity, I wondered whether I could bake anything out of oats. I did and the results really impressed me. Not only were my cookies gluten free, but they tasted just like regular cookies baked with wheat flour. Needless to say I was hooked. Although I don’t have any gluten insensitivities, I prefer to use oat flour as much as possible because it is highly nutritious and tastes just as good.

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Fun Facts

  • I first started baking donuts; hence why most of the early recipes are donuts
  • I prefer baked donuts to fried donuts because you can infuse so much flavour into the batter and they don’t leave you with a greasy aftertaste
  • After donuts I transitioned to baking with oats
  • Then I transitioned to savoury recipes; I think I will always be looking to try new things
  • I love using freeze-dried fruit powder to add colour and flavour; it is natural and nutritious
  • I enjoy mixing flavours and textures from different cultures